Mariah and Brussels: The Shepherd Regretfully Disappoints Her Lambs

Published by: Brandon Withey

You have to really be proud of a busy pop diva like Mariah Carey, who still takes the time to take her kids along with her everywhere she goes. Far too common is the celebrity parent who practically lets a nanny raise their kids while they galavant around focusing on their career. Mariah, on the other hand, is rarely seen without Moroccan and Monroe by her side, especially when jetting around the globe for tours. She never lets her kids interfere with her career, or her career interfere with her kids. But when she was due to arrive in Brussels for a show with her twins in tow, that wound up being the thing that put a stop to her tour. Taking her kids into a recent area with terrorist activity?

Absolutely no.

We're not Going

Source: Http://Dailydot.Com

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