Madonna’s Done It Again: And You Can Just Park It.

Published by: Brandon Withey

Madonna has one astounding ability that overshadows all of her talent and experience, and that’s the ability to do outrageous stunts to make the world her very own. She was the representative of the rebellious but darling daughter of a conservative and religious man, and led an entire generation to believe that love and romance were the very fabric of life. Perhaps she was even right.

She’s been criticized for her antics throughout the years, having been accussed of using her controversial activities to garner a bigger purse at the end of the day. Some of these accusations may have even been founded in something resembling reality. But nothing has so shown Madonna’s willingness to go to unforseen lengths to get her own way as this most recent bout of madness. Don’t believe us? Wait till you see what the Queen of Pop has done to get her own way this time.

Little Ol' Me, Ownin' The World

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