Gwen On Her Kids: I’d Be Blessed If My Son Were Gay

Published by: Brandon Withey

Gwen Stefani has been a hero to people for a great deal of her career. Well, with the possible exception of her drummer, that poor guy gets all the thanks for making her famous. Something you’d think to be an honor until you realize that he made her famous by breaking her heart and having an entire album dedicated to ripping him apart in an angst ridden musical tantrum.

Did we just say that out loud? Yeah, we did.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve been a fan of her forever, and a spate of her recent activities have only made us prouder fans. You see, in a world where the LGBTQ community is fighting a cultural war for equality, human rights, and acceptance, she made a statement that was a master stroke for right-minded people everywhere.

“I would be blessed with a gay son, … I just want my boys to be happy and healthy…”

Doin' it right!

Source: Tumblr.Com

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