Johan Cruyff: Cancer Steals A Great Footballer

Published by: Brandon Withey

On March 24th 2016, the world of Football lost a great player, manager, and inspiriation. This came as a particular shock after it was announced that he was winning his battle against cancer in February, but it finally beat him. Johan Cruyff was born in Amsterdam in 1947, though he was then known as Hendrikk Johannes. The AFC Ajax Stadium stood just five minutes from the humble home owned by his parents Cornelis Cruijff Hermanus and Bernarda Draaijer Petronella, two modest working-class parents trying to get by in East Amsterdam. Throughout his youth he was a huge fan of football, playing with his brothers at every opportunity, and idolizing Faas Wilkes, a prolific Dutch dribbler. He would grow to become a football legend, one of the most influential players of the sport in the history of the game.

A Master In The Field

Source: Colorsport / Andrew Cowie

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