Deep Dish Pizza Day: The Cinco De Mayo of Pizza!

Published by: Brandon Withey

Pizza.. Delicious, hot, steaming, artery wrecking pizza is one of the foundations of the life of everyone. Don’t believe us? What do schools do for students when they’ve been behaving well? That’s right, a pizza party. What about your office? Everyone’s favorite morale booster? HEY GUYS THE BOSS BOUGHT PIZZA. Big game this weekend? Yeah, you may have buffalo wings and chips and dip, but you know what’s there holding it all up? THE PIZZA. April 5th is on it’s way, and when it arrives, its bringing with it the celebration of the biggest, boldest, health-wreckingest pizza in the world.

Back Off New York Style… It’s time for some Chicago Deep Dish.

The Day Of Dreams

Source: http://Just-eat.Co.Uk/

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