Easter and Eostre: Where The Bunny Got Its Eggs

Published by: Brandon Withey

Easter is one of the most popular holidays of the year, especially in America. But the history behind Easter seems incredibly complex and muddled, especially given the symbolism most people associate with it. What’s that? The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ from Christian mythology? No. While that is ostensibly it’s origins, there seems to be an awful lot of bunnies and eggs floating around for that to be the whole truth. Let’s take us a trip down the rabbit hole and find out where this whole thing got started.

We want to be clear that we have no particular religious affiliation and think that all paths of spiritual enlightenment are valid and important as part of the human experience. (Hey Lawyers, did we properly cover ourselves there? Good, because things are about to get truthy.)

These bunnies make us nervous

Source: http://www.giphy.com


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