Fuller House: An 80’s Favorite Sit-Com With A Modern Twist

Published by: Joe Silver

Imagine it, you’re sitting down comfortably taking in your new favorite show. It promises to be just another in a long line of sit-coms that bring you into the wacky families of TV’s world, and bring you warmth, love, and even a few tears with the wacky antics and sometimes far too familiar situations they find themselves in. This time it’s set in San Francisco in a house on one of its most iconic streets, and you so fall in love with the Tanner family and it’s heart-warming characters that it becomes part of your regular routine. The year, of course, is 2015 and the show is “Fuller House”.

Wouldn't We All Like To Know?

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What’s that you say? You remember this exact experience from nearly 30 years ago? That’s exactly what our first experience was when we started watching Netflix’s rebirth of this favorite from the 80’s. Most of the characters are back, and we’ve got a whole new generation of family members. Notably absent is Michelle, the 10 month old character that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made famous. Her character is famously out managing her Fashion Empire in New York, and we have to give a round of applause for the 4th wall break that happened when this was revealed in the show.

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