Lamar Odom Unable to Walk! : Tragic Tale of Excess and Debauchery in the World of the Stars

Published by: Joe Silver

Before the End of Days


The lives of stars are often tumultuous and riotous, full of excesses that those of us who live among the mundane can only dream of, or use as cautionary tales of the dangers of fame and money. NBA Star and Reality Show Star Lamar Odom fell into this category when he was found having suffered a stroke at the Love Ranch after a four day bender on drugs and sexual enhancers. The seriousness of the situation was evident from the bloody foam around his nose and mouth.

Lamar Odom gained his fame in the NBA and then risen to join the ranks of Reality Show Stars when he joined “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s”, and eventually when he moved into his own reality show “Khloe and Lamar”. It’s apparent that underneath his clean NBA exterior there lived a beast that was in love with the adrenaline and excitement of that life, and on this day, it nearly caught up with him and devoured him.

The Siren Call of Sex


Dennis Hoff, the owner of the Love Ranch and a few other legal brothels in Nevada, was quite upset with the turn of events. After all, he had comported himself with politeness and a reserved air when he entered, and remained so during his whole stay. Little did he know that the basketball great was enhancing his stay with drugs and sexual enhancers, evidently trying to suck the marrow out of his time there with a self-destructive fervor. Even more upsetting as he was clearly advised that within the confines of this house of sex and alcohol, drugs were one vice simply not allowed.

The days to follow the event were grim indeed, with the Kardashians gathered around him at the hospital, and one particular unnerving tweet being sent out by Kendall Jenner. “Don’t Go” were the words that reached out across the world, the only indication given as to the severity of his condition. It would seem that this four day dance with his baser nature had nearly resulted in the world being relieved of the NBA star.

Approximately a week after this brush with death, Lamar was released from the facility in Las Vegas, and transported to Los-Angeles, where he discovered that the recovery ahead was going to be long and arduous. Such was the damage he had done that he had to undergo one major surgery during which he wasn’t allowed any visitors, attended only by his soon to be ex-wife Khloe Kardashian.

Glimmers of the Past


Don’t think this meant he was without supporters, however, Lamar had the support not just of the Kardashians, but of many prominent figures in Hollywood, all of who sent prayers of love and support during his time there.

It appears, nearly a month later, that these prayers may prove to be insufficient. Lamar had truly gone down a dangerous road, and had nearly erased himself from the world, and it’s a long crawl up from the bottom. Such is the severity that he still has trouble walking, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that his memory may have been permanently damaged. One can only imagine the trauma that this man is going through, having fallen from being an NBA athlete, to being unable to even walk on his own. At this point the doctors are hopeful that he may one day be able to hold himself up and walk with a walker.

A walker…

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