Celebrity Depression Unmasked: New Study Proves Stardom will make you Miserable!

Published by: Joe Silver

News flash! It’s been determined through a new study that being a star can make you depressed, in fact, it’s a leading cause of depression among stars in Hollywood. It’s not like this is some kind of surprise, with all the “overdoses” that occur each year there’s plenty of evidence that something is dead wrong.

This new study however doesn’t put to fine a point on it.. It’s been established that it’s essentially impossible to live under the limelight, with all that money, and the never-ending invasion of your privacy and be happy. Go figure.

Well, we decided that we’d give our own little twist to some of Hollywood’s most depressed stars. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll convince some of Hollywood’s worst to get off the screen and into (permanent) recovery.

Sheryl Crow


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