Baby Got Back: The Most Bountiful Assets in Hollywood Revealed!

Published by: Joe Silver

Hollywood is home to some of the most deliciously curvaceous beauties in the world, turning heads from top to bottom. We know there’s a special place deep down inside of all of us where we hold out a special love for a well rounded backside. What is it about a well-crafted posterior that can distract us from even the most important task?

Is it the rolling gait that draws the eye? The amazing curves as it flexes with every step? Whatever it is, when baby’s got back, it’s a hypnotic treat for the eyes that leaves us stumbling and mumbling in an ass-drunk stupor every time! Check out the video below to see the most luscious backsides in Hollywood!

[iframe id=”” align=”center” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”600″]

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