Crows: Geniuses of the Animal World

Published by: Joe Silver

Crows have been associated with cleverness and wisdom in cultures around the world for time out of mind. Recent research has revealed that these animals are living up to this reputation, with minds that work above what we expect from the animal kingdom in multiple areas. Research has shown that these animals are not just capable of remembering faces, but in fact are able to transmit this information through multiple generations, even when those faces have long been gone.

They’ve also been renowned for solving puzzles in order to obtain some desired item, everything from simple mechanical puzzles, to creating tools from pieces of wire to draw a piece of food out of a long tube. Recently we have discovered that they are even more clever than previously imagined, not just being able to solve simple puzzles, but multi-step puzzles far beyond what we expected. Given these recent discoveries, perhaps it’s time that we start preparing for our avian overlords?

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