We Are Eternal: One Comedians Message to the World

Published by: Joe Silver

We don’t often think of comedians as being the source of deeply inspirational and moving experiences and messages. It is the opinion of this writer that that is such a failing in our view of them, comedians turns the darkness into light, brings levity to the serious, and see world through a clearer lens than just about anyone else.

Their messages to the world are couched in language that frees us to laugh about things and think about them without fear of judgement. They say the things we think but are afraid to utter, they shed light on our insecurities about our own successes, and wipe away the defenses that the absurdity of human nature hides behind.

Jim Carrey has given two amazing speeches that provide us a glimpse into his view of the world, and his view of human nature and human frailty. His vision sees change and faith in the lives of people, and gives us an interesting view of hope.

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