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Published by: Joe Silver

Fast,Secure,Portable Applications

PortableApps Suite works like a workstation that keeps all your favourite and personal apps in one place. You can install PortableApps Suite on a usb stick and take your apps and setting everywhere with you. I personally use it on my daily computer also. Because i like using programs without installing them. This is really useful for system speed also. Because all apps work from ram memory without installing them. I totally recommend you to use your daily internet browser as a portable app. Because this way you can secure your passwords and bookmarks. You will be able to use your personal settings in every computer with a usb stick. If you don’t know where to get portable apps for your suite, you should just visit official website of portable apps. In this website there is a huge database of free portable apps for your work suite. You will be able to find and download various kind of apps and utilities about office,security internet,multimedia even games. Check out the screenshot and follow the link below to download and try this useful app. It would be a ”must” for you, after you get use to it. Download Portable Apps And Programs

PortableApps Menu

PortableApps Menu

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