How to Increase Pageviews Of Your Visitors In WordPress

Published by: Joe Silver

Make Your Visitors Stay In Your Blog Longer

We all know it is so hard to get visitors for our blogs. In fact it is the easiest part. What we need is keeping users to stay on our site longer. Most visitors come to your wordpress site and end up leaving without even clicking another link. It basically increases your bounce rate and also decreases your pageviews per visit. As a result it decreases your ad revenue. In this article, we will try to increase pageviews and reduce bounce rate in WordPress. By the way ‘’Bounce rate’’ represents the percentage of visitors who enter your site and leave the site rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site. Lets check out some tips to increase pageviews.

Interlink Your Posts To Older Related Posts

That basically means to link a word or words to older posts that is related. If you have a lot of content and decent number of posts, this method would work better. This is also so useful for SEO works as well. Check out this ‘’POST’’ as an example of interlink to older post. You should see ‘’ Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s’’ words are linked to an older post.

Always Show Related Posts Or Popular Posts

This is basically a ‘’Must’’ for all blogs. Also it will give a profesional look to your website. Using small pictures with related posts are so useful also. Because image files have better visibility than text files. Most of popular themes has this feature. If not, you can use additional plugins like ‘’ YARPP’’ from wordpress plugin directory.

Show Excerpts on Front Pages And List Pages

Never show full posts on your front page. Always use shorter excerpts. That will surely increase your pageviews. If you show the most part of the post on front page, it will affect negatively to page load time and decrease page views. Also you will be able to show more posts in front page, if you use short excerpts. Also most themes has this feature as built-in function.

Always Split Up Long Posts

You can split long posts into multiple pages using the WordPress tag in your post. Simply add it wherever you want, and your post will split into multiple pages. But be careful.Just use this feature in really long pages. Because if you always split posts even they arent that long, that would give a bad impression to your readers.

Use Sidebar Effectively

We all generally use our sidebars for advertisements and monetizing. But we should use it more.Always leave some space for ‘’Popular Posts’’ and ‘’Recent Posts ‘’. In this tip , the idea is the same with showing related posts after a new post. This way, your sidebar can play a crucial role in increasing pageviews and reducing bounce rate.

Create A Random Browsing Button

Your bored visitors probably use it. Just create a button that links to a random post.Dont forget to give a remarkable name and create an eye-catching button for that. It is something like a game for your visitors. Something like playing dice. This is all for now. If you have any more ideas, feel free to comment and add below. Thank you for reading.

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