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Published by: Joe Silver

How To Create Photo Galleries In WordPressLightbox Gallery

WordPress has a nice built in image adding functions. You can use your default post editor to add images. You can also resize,rename,add tags,add alt names,manage descriptions directly from image adding window. The problem is you should do this steps one by one to each image and no lightbox gallery function by default. When it is about using a lot of images in your post or page, it will be very exhausting. We can use various free wordpress plugins to make that work easier!

NextGEN Gallery Plugin For WordPress

NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular image management and gallery plugin for wordress.I totally recommend it for use on any wordpress page or blog where you want to show off multiple images.This plugin is so useful for creating create elegant thumbnail galleries and slideshows quickly and easily . You can also use Lightbox Plus, FancyBox for WordPress, or other Lightbox-type plugins with NextGEN to add popup effects to your images. Here is an example:[nggallery id=4]

Easier Gallery Management

NextGEN provides a lot of built in useful image management features. Here are some of them;Wordpress Gallery Management

  • Editing title and alt text for multiple images on the same screen. This is so useful when editing multiple images. You needn’t have to click through different screens to get to each image’s info.
  • Editing thumbnail sizes and images. This is very useful for instances where you want to highlight a particular part of the image.Also sometimes thumbnail dimensions aren’t relative to the full-size image dimensions. With this function, you can fix that. Sometimes, the default landscape oriented thumbnails could cut off heads from portrait oriented photos. Nextgen has a function to fix that manually.
  • Sorting the order of your images manually or automatically. You can also automatically sort the images by other criteria, or manually with drag-drop function.
  • Excluding certain images from showing up in the gallery without deleting. This is useful if you want to hide an image temporarily. So you don’t need to reuplod if you need it in future.

Advanced Slideshow Features

It is so easy and practical to create slideshows.Just create create a gallery and add images you want to include in the slideshow. Then embed the slideshow in your page or post even widget. You can alternatively use the NextGEN Gallery button in post editor to select the gallery from a drop-down list. I generally type shortcode manually. There are a lot of transition effects with slideshow feature. Also you can set slide durations, slideshow window size,frame colours,background music and more!. This slideshows are able to work without flash.So you can see this slideshows even on iphone and ipad.

Additional Features Of NextGen

That’s not all.NextGEN Gallery also has additional Features like widgets for random or recent images and widgets for showing slideshows. You can organize your galleries into albums. You can set a watermark for all images in the same gallery or album which is so useful for private photos. Check out the link below to download this free plugin. Thank you for reading. Nextgen Gallery Plugin For WordPress  

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