Webmaster’s Common Used Terms And Meanings

Published by: Joe Silver

Webmaster Monetize Terms And Meaings

If you are running a legal blog or website and trying to make money with your work, probably you are making research in big webmaster forums online. The problem is experienced webmasters are using a lot of technical words and acronym terms like ptc,ptr,cpa and more. It is really hard to understand what they are talking about if you are a noob. In this short article you will be able to learn meanings of common webmaster terms.

Webmaster Terms:

  • Affiliate:If you want to earn money online, you would probably be an affiliate for a company or network.An affiliate site markets products or services that are actually sold by another website or business in exchange for fees or commissions.
  • PTS (Paid To SignUp) : This companies pay their affiliate members per site they sign up.
  • PTC (Paid To Click) : These websites pay you around $.01 (one penny) for every 30 second advertisement that you watch. Advertisers will pay the PTC sites say $40 and that will guarantee them that around 1,000 people will view that 20-30 second advertisement.
  • PTR (Paid to Read) :  It is easy to understand just with reading. In this system, companies pay their affiliates per article they read.
  • PTSu Paid To Surf :  With this affiliate system, you will get paid for surfing on internet
  • PTP Paid To Promote :  Members of a site offering “Paid to Promote”, have a special link which can be promoted at any approved site. For each valid click of your PTP link, you will receive points or cash.
  • CPA (Cost Per Action) : This is a method of paying for advertising that allows you to pay for each conversion (sale, lead, download, etc.) as opposed to each time a searcher sees or clicks (as with CPC) on your ad.
  • CPM (Cost Per Mile) :  “Mille” stands for “one thousand”. So, “CPM” represents your cost for one thousand displays! If you had a CPM of 5 cents, then you know that 1000 displays would cost you 5 cents, and 5000 displays would cost you 25 cents.
  • PPD (Pay Per Download) : There are some companies that gives their partners web spaces for hosting their files. Also some have affilliate programs that lets users share this files in their websites,blogs or other big forums. This companies pay their users per download number.
  • PPV (Pay Per View) : PPV is another Affiliate marketing system that pays their partners per view. They work like ppd system.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) -PPC (Pay Per Click) : PPC is an Internet marketing formula used to price online advertisements. In PPC programs the online advertisers will pay Internet Publishers the agreed upon PPC rate when an ad is clicked on, regardless if a sale is made or not.

  • PPL (Pay Per Lead) : A type of affiliate marketing program where the advertiser pays the affiliatebased on conversion of leads, such as a file or software download, completion of a sign-up form for a newsletter, trial offer sign-up, or other desired action.
  • PPS (Pay Per Sale) : A type of affiliate marketing program where the advertiser pays the affiliate based on conversion of sales.

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