How To Get Higher Alexa Ranking

Published by: Joe Silver

Alexa Ranking And Importance For A Website

Alexa is a company which ranks all websites on internet according to their own system. Also it is a part of Amazon Company.They use their own toolbar to collect data from all internet users. It is important because running a website is all about prestige. If you have higher alexa ranking, you will probably have more visitors. More visitors means more money you can make. Basically alexa ranking is about your websites quality. Alexa generally updates rankings once a day.

How To Improve Alexa Ranking

You can easily raise your alexa ranking if you follow a few steps and if you are patient. Here are some tips to raise your alexa ranking.

  1. Update your website and blog constantly.May be 7-8 times a week.
    Alexa Logo

    Alexa Logo

  2. Recommend your users to install alexa toolbar.
  3. Add your website to alexa. Follow easy steps that you can find from official alexa site ( Do not forget to edit your site’s listing.
  4. Use alexa widgets on your website. Can be used in your footer may be.
  5. Get more visitors from blogging community and webmaster forums. Because these users generally use alexa toolbar with their browsers.
  6. Exchange links with sites that have good alexa rankings.
  7. Do not spam, do not use bots and automated methods because you will lose rankings as soon as alexa find out.
  8. Get reviews for your website on alexa. You can tell your webmaster friends to write a review for your website and rate at the same time.

With these steps you will raise day by day on alexa. Using a quality web hosting is also important because alexa and googlelikes fast loading pages. If you sitll dont have a hosting company or thinking about moving another host, try bluehost from links below to get a discount. It is one of the most popular hosting company. Fast, limitless and user friendly. Thank you for reading.


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