WordPress Or Blogger?

Published by: Joe Silver

Which Platform is Better :Wordpress Or Blogger

wordpress or blogger Running a blog is the best way to share your knowledge on web. Also you can make money if you own a personal blog. If you are planning to run a blog and have been doing your research you are probably familiar names WordPress and Blogger. These are the most popular platforms for blogging online. The question is which one is better. In this article I would try to explain pros and cons for both platform. You will be able to make your own decision at the end.Lets start with Blogger.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is an another free google service for creating blogs. It is so easy to use. Basically if you have talent to write and send emails, you will be able to use blogger too. As easy as you read. Lets check out pros and cons of using blogger…


blogger logo

  • It is totally free
  • Hosting is free on blogspot so you needn’t worry about hosting company.
  • Free domain name
  • 1 gb free photo space through Picasa.
  • Has a wonderful vast network of bloggers.
  • Blogger is integrated with Google Adsense so it is easier to make money with adsense.
  • There are several designs and you can also edit the templates HTML. The variety of templates is limited though.


  • There are not as many options for customizing your blog.
  • Unless you purchase your own domain name and point it to your Blogger blog your stuck with a xxx.blogspot.com domain name.
  • Blogger is not suitable for all advertisement companies.
  • Google Blogger does not give much control
  • Blogger always shows ‘Blogger Bar’’ at the top of your page and you can’t remove it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, Web-based software program that anyone can use to build and maintain a website or blog. You can even run a proffesional website with wordpress. No need to be a blog. Because with wordpress, you can create static pages as many as you want.

ProsWordpress Logo

  • Better SEO options than Blogger.
  • You can use free wordpress hosting service with wordpress domain,Also you can use private hosting companies with your own domain.
  • Several free and paid themes. You can also create your own theme.
  • Better platform to incorporate advertising and making money
  • More progressive widgets.
  • Easier to create posts from mobile device.
  • The WordPress community has developed hundreds of plugins to help improve the WordPress functionality.


  • Frequent releases of new versions.
  • It will cost you money to create self hosted wordpress blog.
  • Using several plugins can cause problems.

Make Your Choice

Both platforms can be used as free blogging. You can set up a blog with each platform and determine which one works best for your website and your needs. But wordpress looks like more flexible about it. You needn’t know any codding language or html to use both. I personally like wordpress. The flexibility is amazing with wordpress. You have no limits with your blog,or you can call it a ‘’website’’. Of course using a private host will cost you money. But with wordpress,you will be able to earn more than blogger and will be able to pay for hosting with your incomes!

Best Hosting Company For WordPress

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