What Is Pagerank? How To Raise Pagerank?

Published by: Joe Silver

What Is Pagerank?

Pagerank is a sytem that google uses for ranking websites and webpages in their index. It is a point system between 1 to 10 , that google decide with looking at web pages content quality , visitor numbers and design quality. Your website’s pagerank is so important because you will raise in google results as much as your pagerank number. For example your pagerank score is 4 and the other website’s pagerank is 6. Suppose that the same article posted on both websites at the same time. Google would show pagerank 6 site higher then pagerank 4 in results.

Pagerank Smileys

Pagerank Smileys

How To Raise Your Pagerank

There are a few tips to raise your pagerank legally. Lets check out what they are;

  1. Write quality articles and original content to your blog.
  2. If possible update your blog everyday, Everyday write at least one new post. Do not steal from other sites. Your posts should be unique.
  3. Do not forget to update your old post. Be up to date. Try to get comments.
  4. Use popular tags. But do not use irrelevant tags. You can check popular tags from google trends.
  5. If possible always add pictures and videos to your articles.
  6. Submit your blog to big blog index sites like technorati, blogcatalog and all big search engines.
  7. Link your posts to your older posts and other big sites that are relevant to your post.
  8. Research and read too much. This way you will be able to write more quality stuffs.
  9. Optimize your blog for search engines. Obey ”SEO” rules.
  10. Try to take links from high pagerank websites. Not lower ones.
    Raising Pagerank

    Raising Pagerank

This is all for now. Please if you know anything more comment and share with us. Dont forget to check out our other article about 10 Useful Tips To Optimize WordPress Blogs For Seach Engines.  

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