How To Use Google Fonts In Your WordPress Blog

Published by: Joe Silver

Use Open Source Google Fonts On Your Website

Fonts are one of the most important elements in your blog. Without a good font, your article would worth nothing. Google dominates internet with their free services nowadays. They also have a huge library with open source fonts for your needs. This fonts are hosted on google’s servers, so definitely they would load fast!. So why dont you use google fonts on your wordpress blog?

Integrate Google Fonts To Your Post Editor

If you want to give a try google fonts on your blog, all you have to do is simply install a small, free wordpress plugin called ”Supreme Google Webfonts” . After activating plugin from menu, you will find an extra column like you see in picture below in your post editor. There you can see 2 new dropdown menu. One is for font selection, the other is for font size. You can enjoy free google fonts on your wordpress blog now. This plugin also have support for multisites. Check out the link after screenshot below for downloading plugin.

Google Fonts Plugin For WordPress

Google Fonts Plugin For WordPress

  Download Plugin From WordPress  

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