How To Boot Windows 7 Faster: MSConfig Tool

Published by: Joe Silver

Boot Your Windows 7 Faster

When you make a fresh install of windows 7 or buy a new computer, you can easily observe booting time is shorter then a used system. Did you ever think about why your system gets slower day by day? The answer is clear. It is because of programs that you installed in time. For example most computer users firstly install an im app like msn messenger and yahoo messenger. After installing these type of programs, you can see that they would load as soon as you boot your system. This will result as longer boot time and less free ram.  You really dont need a messenger app running in background when you arent online, or you would not need winamp running background when you arent listening music. After reading this article you will be able to control these programs that are loading in background without asking you when you do not need them.

Controlling Windows Start Up With MSConfig Tool

MsConfig Tool is a powerful windows utility that can control background programs and windows services especially loading at boot. To see ”MSconfig” tool,go to start menu search bar and type ”msconfig and enter. Alternatively you can click Win Button+R at the same time and type ”MSConfig” in ”Run” window and press ”Enter”.Its most useful feature is ”Startup” tab, that you can see and deactivate every program that’s set to start when windows boots. Many programs like media players, toolbars, disc burning softwares, design programs,zip/rar programs and updates are often set to run at start up. Deactivating unnecessary software would speed up Startup and Shutdown  times,also speed up general usage. By the way you should be careful when disabling programs, because some of them can cause errors,for example you should not disable any service about virus protection or display driver service. Lets take a look at this ” Startup” tab in picture below…

MsConfig Startup Tab - Controlling Windows Boot

MsConfig Startup Tab - Controlling Windows Boot

You can see 4th item called ”Adobe Updater Startup Utility”. It looks like adobe update program. I dont need adobe to check for updates in windows startup. I can do it by myself when i want to use photoshop. I can safely disable it. Another item ” Google Update”. I can update my google chrome browser when i want to surf on net. ”Windows Live Messenger”. Why should messenger app run at startup? Totally useless,waste of ram and time. ”Logitech Setpoint”.Im using a logitech mouse. So i would probably need that software for extra features of my mouse and keyboard.So i wont disable it.[divide style=”2″] You can check your MSConfig Startup tab and disable programs that you think they are unnecessary for you. Be sure to restart your computer to apply changes.Thank you for reading.Feel free to comment and add something new.    

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