Installing Windows 7 To SSD (Solid State Drive)

Published by: Joe Silver

Windows 7 Installation On New SSD

Day by day SSD technology getting more popular. Computer users switching SSD, for getting full performance from their devices. SSD technology offers more speed with less energy usage. This basically means, more battery life from laptops, shorter boot times, shorter loading times with games and faster usage with heavy programs like photoshop or other adobe applications. But setting up Windows on an SSD requires some extra steps that you don’t need to on classic HDD technology. There are also some tweaks you can do to perform faster. Here is a small guide about windows 7 to ssd . First of first you should have the lastest firmware on your computer. Before update dont forget to backup all your data incase. It is also a ”must” to set the disk controller to AHCI mode. To do this,go system BIOS settings  and set the SATA controller for Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) operation prior to installing Windows.

Ahci mod for sdd Installation On New SSD

Ahci mod for sdd

For best performance i tottally recommend a clean install. If you need to create partition, it is recommended to use the Windows Setup utility. If there is partition created by using any other tool, it is suggested to delete the partition and use the Windows 7 disk tools to create a new partition. If you want your SSD to reset to its original, factory state, you can take help of a Secure Erase utility. For a nice-used drive, this is really helpful. It is not suggested to perform a full format by using Windows disk management tools. For every brand, there are special tools. For example for intel ssd, you should use ”Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox”.For OCZ there is ”Secure Erase Utility”. Also you must install the latest storage driver. For instance, if your computer has an Intel SATA controller, install the newest version of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. To download latest drivers, go to offical intel driver download page and be sure to have latest driver. Once the setup is complete dont forget check the Windows Experience Index. To do this,go to start menu,then click computer, and last click System Properties. On system page just click ”Windows Experience Index”. Perform a test. Primary hard disk score must be at least 7.
Windows Performance Index Windows 7 To SSD

Windows Performance Index

For next, you can install a free tool to check your SDD healt condition. The unility called ” CrystalDiskInfo”. If the healt status is ” Good” , then you have no serious problems.
CrystalDiskInfo Screenshot

CrystalDiskInfo Screenshot

in addition to this steps, you can also disable windows search index to have longer life with your ssd. Already your disk is so fast, you would not need index feature anyways. Thank you for reading. Feel free to add new tips.  

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