Advantages And Benefits Of Using WordPress CMS

Published by: Joe Silver

WordPress is a great choice for webmasters nowadays. I read a statistic a few days ago  that 2 in 10 sites now being developed are using the WordPress platform. There are a lot of reasons why webmasters using wordpress nowadays. In this article we collect benefits and advantages of wordpress and we would try to give you the idea about why you should use this popular content management system.

WordPress Content Management System WordPress CMS

WordPress Content Management System

Advantages Of WordPress CMS Usage

  • Hosting Advantages

This content management system can be hosted on any standart and inexpensive server which has PHP/Apache/MySQL/Linux environment. Most hosting companies even let their users to setup wordpress with ”one-click” feature. If they dont, you can just install with some ftp knowledge and mysql database setup instructions.

  • Ease Of WordPress Setup Process

After first running wordpress cms on your hosting, it is so easy to set pages,post, installing and customizing your theme with graphics,your logo and with your content. All these jobs can be done from your dashboard which is easy to understand and navigate.

  • Very Short Learning Curve

There are a lot of products and platforms for that job that involve a long learning curve but wordpress is not one of them. You can even run your blog or website and start to post content in less then 1 hour. After getting more experience, you will be able to do more complex stuff like widget and plugin usage. Also these features are very simple to use and does just requires very little technical ability.

  • Ease Of Staying Up To Date

You can do all your wordpress,theme and plugin updates automaticly with one click from your dashboard.

  • Easy To Edit And Make Changes

One of the biggest problem of business owners is they can not make changes and updates without their IT personnel. With wordpress , anybody who knows to write and send mail, can make changes and updates in wordpress site.

  • Ease Of Backup And Moving Your Site To Another Host

With the ease of wordpress dashboard, tools and plugins, it is so easy to backup your entire content in case of data lost or moving your site to another host.

  • Spam Protection

WordPress system has included tools for spam protection and unwanted comments for your posts.

  • Adding More Functions With Plugins

With huge plugin library, you can add a lot of new features and functions to your website like multi-language support,social media integration etc. Most of the plugins are free to use which is awesome.

  • Seo Features

When you run a site, you want to attract new potential readers and customers from the search engines. WordPress  system makes it easy. When you are adding content to WordPress, it provides the tools you need to make each page and post more search engine friendly. You can add tags,keywords and descriptions fast and automatically  And you can connect up current pages and posts with past ones, and allow connectivity to take place within your comments. There are several SEO plugins which add more functions also. Dont forget to try some of them and choose one of the best for your needs.

  • Admin And User System

WordPress works like an operating system. For example in Windows 7, there is an admin who can control whole system and users with less permissions in case of doing something wrong and harmful. In wordpress, admin can create new users to control site and arrange their permissions. For example you can create a new user with ability to create new posts but not pages.

  • Creating New Themes Or Choosing From Existing Themes To Personalize

You can create your own theme or you can use existing themes from thousand of alternatives and customize for your needs and taste. This will make your website unique. These are common simple features i can remember. Feel free to add your ideas as comment.Also do not forget to check article ”10 Useful Tips To Optimize WordPress Blogs For Seach Engines”. Thank you for reading. Download wordpress and start your blog today!

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