Common Mistakes That Webmasters Do When Starting A New Website

Published by: Joe Silver

After creating new website, there is another hard job waiting for webmasters which is harder then getting online. It is called ” Seo Procces”. It is the most important part. Because without readers, your website worth nothing. It really takes time and during this proccess, you should be careful. First you should be patient. Some mistakes can be so dangerous about your website promotion job and can cause your site stay in sandbox for months. I tried to collect some common mistakes for you. Here they are..  

  • Submitting Your Sitemap To Too Many Search Engines

In General webmasters start with  submitting their website to search engines , but as far I know it’s not of any worth. It’s totally useless at start. The only search engines that are of any use are few and they will automatically recognize and index your website once they found its link anywhere. Instead of submitting your site to search engine, just place its link on popular forums and websites. Search engines will find your website sooner than you might think.

  •   Pages With Poor Content

Webmasters load their pages with a lot of flash content and images to make them attractive , and dont use   any text content on the page. Especially a product site or some kind of photo or wallpaper site. Those pages look content rich to users but really poor for search engines. So better dont forget to add an alt attribute to images, and a little description to products!

  •   Ignoring URLs

Generally people heard that dynamic URLs are not good for SEO, and static URLs are helpful but they forget its real importance. Not even making your URLs static is pretty enough for search engines. They play an important role in SEO and they should contain your prime keywords. Especially using keywords in URLs are more important in Google,Yahoo and Bing.

  • Backlink Mistakes

Of course number of backlinks are important  but only quality backlinks would help you! Using your links in link farms will harm your rankings. It is obvious that making quality backlinks requires more time and efforts but they ensure your SERP rankings. About backlinks, another mistake that webmasters make is to try building links speedily. They try to create backlinks as soon as possible to get their website higher ranking. But it’s not useful. The backlinks should be building slowly and you should not looks odd to search engines.

  • Using Keywords in Wrong Way

We can see that new webmasters load their websites with lot of related and unrelated keywords. This is called  spamming. Spamming is the most dangerous thing for a new website.The webpages should have a proper keyword density (around 1-2% is good) and should not use unnecessasary or unrelated keywords. Hope these tips help you a bit. Feel free to comment and tell us what you think. Good luck with your website…

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