How To Make Your Website Indexed By Google Faster (Legal Ways)

Published by: Joe Silver

Google is the most important source for websites nowadays. Because basically google is number one search engine all over the world. So if your website is friendly with google, basically your website is successful. Thats the reason why google index speed is too much important for a seo work. More traffic means more money:) Thats simple fact. I was researching internet for my website and i decided to write an article about what i found from various seo blogs and forums. Check out the list and feel free to comment for adding new ways.

  1. Use google webmaster tools and submit your sitemap   ( 
  2. Use social media sites and video sites and submit content about your website/blog. ( , , , , )
  3.  Use big webmaster forums and forums that related with your content. Create new users and use your address in your signature. But do not spam! ( ,, etc…)
  4. Submit your site to other search engines like bing,ask,yahoo,altavista and yandex.
  5. Update your content frequently.
  6. Use It is a platform that users can ask and answer questions. You can find an unanswered  question and if you know the answer, just use your link from your website as source. Also be careful and do not spam. Just use relevant links!
  7. If you have some extra money for advertisement, use google adwords and advertise your site ( )
  8. Use appropriate tags/keywords for your articles/posts.
  9. Do not forget to add tittle and description to your images.
  10. Create a google analytics account.
  11. Use google plus button on your website.
  12. And last be patient 🙂

Feel free to add new techniques. Good luck..

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